What is the meaning of VASTU?

It is a word derived from Sanskrit language. It’s root word is Vas and Tun is a suffix. This is the linguistic etymology of `Vastu` which means—an art of house construction, built by a human being.

Not only living house, Industry, office, Factory are also designed as perVastu. Remember Every Creation is a VASTU. It also protects a building from obstacles, natural calamities & upheavals. In fact, Vastu is the name of five elements, like Earth, Water, Space, Air, and Wind, which remain united in a laid down proportion &ratio.

Because proper balance amongst these five elements generates ‘Bio-electric magnetic energy’ which bestows excellent health, wealth, prosperity and comforts.

According to practical experience, Origin of Vastu Science is motivated by the spirit of welfare of humanity and justification of Life. Some people generally are found interested to know what is the utility and justification of Vastu and its applicability as they are living in rented houses, and also that they will remain free from damaging impact.

I advise such inquisitive people may be asked if there is a hole in a boat, whether it’s owned or rented by the travelers. It will equally harm all the boaters, whether they are owners or not.

In the similar matter, if Vastu of a house is faulty, it will cast its ill impact on all the inmates who dwell in such a house and in hurdling matters whether they are tenants or owners in the house, as calamities do not distinguish between an owner and a tenant. So, great attention should be paid to Vastu rules in residential houses, whether the occupant is an owner or a tenant.

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